Sammy Guevara Pulled From IMPACT Tapings After Creative Disagreement

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

We have a report from Slam Wrestling regarding nixed plans for Sammy Guevara to appear on IMPACT Wrestling. According to the report, Guevara was slated to appear on IMPACT Wrestling but did not like creative direction of the angle, and made it known to executives.

Chris Jericho apparently came up with the idea and pitched it to Tony Khan, who in turn got into contact with IMPACT about making it happen. However, IMPACT was not on board with whatever the idea was. It was said that Tony then came up with a second idea, which was given the green light by IMPACT.

IMPACT reportedly received a direct message from Sammy Guevara who made it known that he did not like the creative direction of the angle. When IMPACT officials told Tony Khan of the news, Tony was reportedly very upset about it. Jericho reportedly even went as far as reaching out to Don Callis about banning Guevara from IMPACT moving forward. Jericho would eventually tell Guevara to go home and not continue traveling to Nashville.

Slam Wrestling ended by saying that AEW management is concerned that Guevara’s actions may have possibly hurt their relationship with IMPACT.

Sean Ross Sapp at Fightful chimed in by saying that he could also independently confirm that an AEW wrestler (which has now been ID’d as Guevara) was not happy with the creative direction, but he could not validate the story of Tony Khan and Chris Jericho being upset with the situation. He also said that he did not think the relationship between the companies would be negatively impacted.

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