Tommy Dreamer’s 50th Birthday Ends With Him Getting Attacked By A Moose

IMPACT Tommy Dreamer

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Rich Swann granted an IMPACT World Championship match to Tommy Dreamer tonight, and after defeating him in a big match, both he and Dreamer were the victim of a vicious assault at the hands of Moose. 

Swann ended the night with a huge title retention, taking down Dreamer on his 50th birthday by hitting a phoenix splash for the win. Things fell apart after the match, though, as Dreamer and Swann had a brief moment in the ring where the two showed each other some respect. Before more could happen, Moose came running into the ring, and began assaulting the two of them. He started by attacking Swann’s knee repeatedly, before stomping on Dreamer and hitting him with a big spear to drop him for good. 

After dropping Dreamer, Moose then got a chair from outside of the ring and began to attack Swann’s knee with it, ending the night in disappointing fashion for both Swann and Dreamer. After all was said and done, Moose picked up the IMPACT World Championship and posed with it, sending a big message to both Swann and the IMPACT Wrestling universe. 

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