2 Dynamite Dudes With Attitude: ‘Knock On My Forbidden Door, Will Ya?’

This week on 2 Dynamite Dudes Marcus and Dom are joined by comedian Dan St. Germain of the new Wrestle Roasts podcast on AdFreeShows to discuss Archer & Mox vs. Peter Avalon’s love bed, Cody being in Peter Avalon limbo, what’s more with the Forbidden Door, Sammy quits Inner Circle, The Women’s Eliminator Tournament begins, did Hangman hang in there with a swerve + Darby getting dragged by the body bag!

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Listen to the full episode below and if you’d like to send a comment or question to be read on the air, shoot the brothers an email at [email protected]. Like the new theme song? Check out the artist Brad Sucks & his tune “Guess Who’s A Mess?”

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