The Good Brothers Help Kenny Omega & KENTA Prevail In AEW Dynamite Main Event


Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Tonight’s episode of AEW Dynamite was headlined by All Elite Wrestling Champion Kenny Omega teaming up with New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s KENTA against IWGP United States Champion Jon Moxley & Lance Archer in a tag team falls count anywhere match.

With a lot of animosity on both sides, all four men took full advantage of the falls count anywhere stipulation. KENTA targeted Moxley in the kitchen and it was a full-blown brawl that included bumps on catering tables and even a refrigerator. Omega and Archer would also reach the kitchen, which saw potatoes get introduced into the fray.

Omega and Moxley would then fight their way back into the ring. “Mox” punished the AEW Champion with a kendo stick, but Omega would hit a V-Trigger to even the score. KENTA would then hit a double footstomp on Moxley, who was sat on a table, to momentarily take out his rival.

This led to Omega and Archer going at it inside the ring. Archer would get a near-fall against Omega, but the Good Brothers would then run into the ring. Archer’s manager Jake Roberts would attack Karl Anderson, but was taken out himself by Doc Gallows. Omega teased hitting Roberts with a V-Trigger, but Moxley came in with a barbwired bat to prevent this attack.

KENTA would take advantage of the distraction to hit a GTS on Moxley and Archer was pinned after eating a Magic Killer from the Good Brothers plus a V-Trigger and One-Winged Angel by Omega (with assistance from his friends).

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