Sammy Guevara Quits The Inner Circle After Confrontation With MJF

sammy guevara

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

The Inner Circle is shrinking in size after Sammy Guevara quit the group this week.

Early in tonight’s episode, Guevara requested alone time with MJF. He told the newest member of the group that he watched the show last week and that it is clear that MJF is trying to take over the group. MJF denied the claims and said that he initially thought Guevara was jealous of him, but now thinks that Guevara hates Jericho and would rather leave the group himself. Guevara sarcastically agreed and then grabbed and threw MJF’s phone before punching MJF in the gut.

Later in the night after MJF and Chris Jericho defeated The Acclaimed, Guevara came out and told Jericho that he is entirely done with The Inner Circle. Guevara previously said that if one more issue with MJF popped up then he was leaving and he’s a man of his word. Guevara then exited the building showing that he’s truly done to a shocked Jericho.

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