WWE NXT Results (2/10/21)

WWE NXT Results

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WWE NXT Results

February 10, 2021

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Men’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic: MSK vs. Legado del Fantasma

Wilde takes an early advantage on Lee. Lee tags in Carter, who lands a bronco buster. Lee and Carter double team Mendoza. Lee gets a near fall after Carter lands a double stomp. Mendoza traps Lee in his corner. Wilde and Mendoza take turns working over Lee. Lee manages to tag in Carter, who clears the ring. Wilde dropkicks Carter off the apron. Wilde knocks Lee off the apron.

After the break, Lee gets the hot tag and dumps Mendoza and Wilde out of the ring. Lee and Carter hit the Hot Fire Flame off the apron. Lee lands a dive. Mendoza surprises Lee with a reverses ranna. Mendoza hits a spinning brainbuster. Carter breaks the pin up. Mendoza picks up Carter in a fireman’s carry. Wilde leaps off the top, double stomps Carter, and almost hits a 450 on Lee, but Lee gets his knees up. Lee and Carter hit their finish on Wilde for the win.

Winners- MSK

MSK is the first team to advance to the finals of the Dusty Cup.

Xi Li w/Boa vs. Cora Jade

Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro run down to ring and try to talk to Li. Boa holds them back. Jade attacks Li from behind. Li destroys Jade. Li lands her spin kick for the win.

Winner- Xi Li

Carter goes over to Li’s master and yells at her. Carter says this isn’t Li and this is her fault. Li tosses Carter off the stage. Li stomps Catanzaro.

Backstage, Scarlett is waiting for Regal in his office. Scarlett says she is here because time is up for Santos Escobar. Regal grants Karrion Kross a match with Escobar next week.

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