AEW Stars Roast Tommy Dreamer Ahead Of 50th Birthday, MJF Hopes He Croaks

IMPACT Tommy Dreamer

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Legendary wrestling superstar Tommy Dreamer is set to celebrate his 50th birthday on Saturday, and ahead of the big day, several All Elite Wrestling stars took some time out to send messages to Dreamer. 

In a series of videos shown during tonight’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling, Dreamer was taunted and mocked for his upcoming match against Rich Swann for the IMPACT World Championship at No Surrender on Saturday. “Hey Tommy Dreamer, you fat disgusting worthless sack of s—,” said MJF. “Apparently it’s your 50th birthday and to celebrate you’re going to get to go into the ring and have a shot at the IMPACT World Title. All I want to say Tommy is there ain’t no way you’re winning that thing … Can’t wait to see you croak in the middle of the ring!”

Other superstars also joined in on the berating, with Chris Jericho adding in his own message. “50 years old and the world champion. You’d be like Hogan in 2007, 2005? You’d know the date because you’re a much bigger mark than I am,” said Jericho. “For all the people that I know in this business, you’re definitely one of them, brah. You’re one in a million and thank God for that.”

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