United States Triple Threat Match Added To Elimination Chamber

keith lee

Photo Credit: WWE

UPDATE: WWE has made a triple threat for the US title official for Elimination Chamber as both Riddle and Lee will get a shot at Lashley.

Keith Lee and Riddle clashed in a match between two of WWE RAW’s top stars this week.

Riddle has been unsuccessfully chasing Bobby Lashley’s United States Championship while Lee has been absent in recent weeks. Clearly, both men needed momentum on Monday night.

Throughout the match, both men showcased their impressive athleticism. Lee used his impressive strength to counter Riddle’s excellent strikes. The former NXT Champion threw “The Original Bro” around the ring, but Riddle rallied. Riddle countered the Spirit Bomb, and he hit the Floating Bro for a two count. In the end, Lee hit a Spirit Bomb out of nowhere for the win.

After the match, Lashley attacked both men, and he put Riddle in the Hurt Lock yet again. Lashley then hit Lee with the steel steps and left both men lying in his wake.