ROH Wrestling Results (2/8/21): La Faccion Ingobernable Clashes With Brody King, The Briscoes & PCO

In a video segment, Brody King say RUSH’s family cost him the world title at ROH Final Battle. He has joined forces with a few violent men in his mission to get revenge. RUSH vows to protect his throne and his empire, and PCO declares that La Faccion Ingobernable will rest in Hell.

Eight-Man Tag: Brody King, PCO and the Briscoes vs. La Faccion Ingobernable (RUSH, Dragon Lee, La Bestia del Ring) and Flip Gordon

Gordon tags in, and La Faccion Ingobernable collectively curses at him. Mark Briscoe and Gordon start the match and exchange strikes. Gordon hits a dropkick, but the Briscoes isolate Gordon. PCO grounds the high-flyer. He hits a splash in the corner, and Team King has the upper hand early on. Mark Briscoe toses Gordon to ringside, and La Faccion Ingobernable throws him back into the ring. King tags in and overpowers Gordon.

La Faccion Ingobernable again throws Gordon back into the ring. Gordon squashes him with a senton. Gordon’s stablemates contiually refuse to help him whatsoever.

Gordon rallies with a springboard slingblade, but La Faccion Ingobernable refuses to tag into the match. Gordon’s stablemates break up a pin when the Briscoes almost pin Gordon. The match breaks down into a brawl at ringside. RUSH hits King’s leg with a chair. The match has completely broken down.

La Faccion Ingobernable gangs up on King in the ring. RUSH and his family isolate PCO, but he clears house. He drops all three members of the family with a backhand strike, and he dives onto Gordon outside the ring. Bestia kicks Gordon’s fallen body out of the ring. He exchanges blows with PCO and rocks him with a dropkick. RUSH drills Jay Briscoe with a forearm. The match breaks down into chaos again. King squashes Lee in the corner with a splash and slams him to the mat. PCO and Jay dive onto Bestia and RUSH.

Mark dives onto everyone at ringside. RUSH dodges a diving PCO, and the French Frankenstein crashes through a table. The referee finally calls for the bell, as the brawl continues.

Result: No contest

RUSH attacks King with a chair. The Foundation watches the match backstage, shaking their heads all the while. Security tries to break up the brawl as the show ends. Jonathan Gresham looks at the brawl and says, “This is now Ring of Honor.”

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