T-Bar Disses ‘Like Mike’ & Finds Himself In A War Of Words With Bow Wow


Image Credit: WWE

It looks like Bow Wow just found his first feud inside World Wrestling Entertainment. Retribution member T-Bar called out the “Let Me Hold You” rapper and “Like Mike” actor after Bow Wow discussed his “crazy” dream of wrestling in WWE and winning the tag titles with Rey Mysterio.

“It doesn’t sound crazy. It is crazy. Don’t make us destroy you. Also Like Mike sucked,” said T-Bar.

Bow Wow struck back by saying, “Are you mad because I’ll become champ faster than you? Or are you mad that like mike is more legendary than you will ever be? DROPS MIC.”

The duo continued to go back-and-forth with Bow Wow eventually asking if Bane wants the smoke.

Even Mace (and his extremely annoying text) chimed in:

In more positive interactions, NXT stars Bronson Reed and Isaiah “Swerve” Scott were excited about Bow Wow coming over.

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