Dominik Mysterio Feels Like He’s ‘Even’ With King Corbin, Wants One More Match

dominik mysterio

Photo Credit: WWE

Dominik Mysterio and Baron Corbin have been feuding for the better part of the last month, and after a big win against him this week on Friday Night SmackDown, the young Mysterio is ready for one last match to go out on top.

Following Dominik’s victory over Corbin on SmackDown, he and Rey were asked backstage how they felt following the match and a pre-match ambush by Corbin. Despite being assaulted and hurting from it, the two Mysterios were generally fine, and were happy to go out and make the statement they did. Rey expressed how proud he was of his son, before Dominik explained how he feels that Corbin and himself are now evened up.

According to Dominik, Corbin had notched two wins against him earlier in their feud, and with Mysterio eliminating him at the Royal Rumble and then winning last night, the two are tied with two wins apiece. Now, he says, he’d like to have one more match against Corbin to try and finish on top of Corbin.

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