Eric Bischoff Gives His Reasons Why He Prefers Announce Tables Away From Ringside

eric bischoff

Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Obviously, there’s a lot to factor in when you’re formatting a wrestling show for primetime television and Eric Bischoff made certain the devil in the details when it came to running WCW Monday Nitro.

On a recent rendition of “Ask Eric” on 83 Weeks, Conrad Thompson pitched a fan’s question asking Bischoff where he preferred the location of his announcers during the show: on the ramp or at ringside?

“I don’t like looking at the announcers at ringside,” Eric told Conrad. “I don’t know why, to me it always feels small. I don’t mind if they’re down on the floor, but I need some distance from the ring and the announce table. I don’t like seeing them up close to ringside and I can’t tell you why I feel that way I just do. I preferred them the way obviously we had them Nitro where the announcers were far removed from the ringside area and it was kind of looking down towards it. I liked the distance between the two because to me it felt bigger just in general. It made the arena feel bigger when there was distance between the announce table and the ring.”

You can tune into the specific clip of “Ask Eric” below:

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