Santos Escobar Retains Cruiserweight Title, Gets Challenged By Karrion Kross

Karrion Kross Santos Escobar

Image Credit: WWE

Santos Escobar retained his NXT Cruiserweight Championship tonight against Curt Stallion. However, after the win, Escobar was challenged by none other than Karrion Kross, who made his way to the ring and gave Escobar the gift of time.

After taking down Stallion – who had been in line for a title match for some time – Escobar was prepared to start a huge celebration with the rest of Legado Del Fantasma. However, quickly following the win, Kross appeared by the ring, and he took down the two members of Legado Del Fantasma before facing down Escobar in the ring. Kross told Santos that he would giving him the gift of time, but that would only result in Escobar waiting even longer for the inevitable.

He then told Escobar to run off, and as Santos left the ring, delivered another message of “tick tock,” subtly telling the man that he would be after his title sooner rather than later.

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