Burnard The Business Bear Returns In Sammy Guevara’s Latest Vlog

Burnard The Business Bear has returned from hibernation and he’s up to no good in Sammy Guevara‘s latest vlog.

As seen in the opening of the video, a group led by Cody Rhodes and -1 leave a tour bus as Fuego Del Sol approaches them and asks to see the inside of the bus. The group attacks him and runs off, then a “separate” group leaves the bus and finds Fuego laying in the grass, selling the attack.

Fans haven’t seen Burnard for some time, as Cody Rhodes previously claimed the bears had been retired for the time being. At Starrcast II in Las Vegas, Cody did say they “got the bears back” and then promptly told a story about his failed pitch to try and get Ring Of Honor to introduce a whole group of bears. As Cody told it, he wanted Burnard and Bury to leave in the winter to go “hibernate,” but they would return in the spring along with a whole gaggle of bears including baby bears and luchador bears.

Ring Of Honor didn’t go for it then, and that story might not have anything to do with Sammy’s vlog, but we can all hope this is the first of many appearances in AEW for our favorite business bear.

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