ROH Wrestling Results (2/1/21): The OGK vs. The Bouncers

Backstage, Matt Taven tries to talk Mike Bennett out of competing and hurting his recently wounded ankle. Bennett says he needs to compete and asks Taven to let him wrestle.

In a video promo, Danhausen says everyone knows who he is. He gets confused by the lights. Danhausen explains that he wants to take over the world, and he wants to be rich and famous. He states that he was promised a blimp by Dave Honor. He warns people not to swear. Danhausen states that his jar of teeth is a legal distraction. He calls Brian Johnson a loser and a menace who curses a lot.

Brian Johnson explains why he loves wrestling, and he says he has worked every single day to become a great professional wrestler. He says nobody is talking about “The Mecca.” Johnson says he has sacrificed everything to be here, but Danhausen is in ROH because people think he’s funny. He accuses Danhausen of mocking wrestling. Johnson says he has been cheated out of his opportunities, and he’s going to make Danhausen pay for it.

Backstage, Brian Milonas says he has known the OGK for a long time. But the Beer City Bruiser explains that doesn’t matter. He says the Bouncers are the most physically dominant team in Ring of Honor. The Bouncers are determined to win some gold sooner rather than later.

Matt Taven apologizes to Mike Bennett for getting him involved in his feud with Vincent. Bennett says Vincent is banned from ringside, so they should focus on doing what they do best. They’re going to simply have fun and wrestle.

The Bouncers vs. The OGK

Bennett limps to the ring, so he’s still feeling the affects of his ankle injury. Bruiser says that when the bell rings, they’re not friends anymore. Milonas overpowers Bennett and tosses him onto his wounded ankle.

The OGK hits Milonas with a double dropkick. Bruiser repeats that they’re not friends during the match. Milonas and Bruiser double-team Taven, and the Bouncers take control. Taven rocks Bruiser with a kick, and Bennett tags in. He chops Bruiser, but the big man squashes him with a crossbody. The OGK table-tops Milonas and isolates him. Bennett hurts his ankle, and Bruiser capitalizes on a distracted Taven by rocking him with a punch.

Bruiser viciously attacks Bennett’s injured ankle. Bennett rallies and tags Taven. The former world champion dives onto Milonas outside the ring, and he drops the Bouncers with Flight of the Conqueror. He hits a frog splash on Bruiser. The big man crushes Taven with a Samoan drop. Milonas slams Taven, but Bennett breaks up the pin. OGK rocks Milonas with simultaneous strikes. A superkick from Bennett causes Milonas to fall and crush Taven. He dodges a splash from Bruiser, and Bennett spears the big man. Taven makes Bruiser to tap out to the Trendsetter (Koji Clutch.)

Winners: The OGK

After the match, Vincent and The Righteous come to the stage. Vincent criticizes Bruiser for preparing to toast The OGK. He says Bruiser doesn’t have a direction, and tells Bruiser that he needs to find his path. He tells the Bouncers to dig what he’s saying, as they call came up together but the Bouncers have been chained. He accuses the OGK of holding the Bouncers back. Vincent states that Taven and Bennett are the reason the Bouncers have been chained down in ROH. He tells Bruiser to think about it. Bruiser smashes Taven with a beer bottle, rocks Bennett with a DDT, and walks out on Milonas.

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