Jon Moxley Attacks KENTA On NJPW Strong, Says There’s No Longer Political Lines Between Them

Jon Moxley Kenta

Jon Moxley made a shocking appearance during the latest episode of NJPW Strong and sent a message to the man that’s been calling him out as of late.

The main event of tonight’s episode of NJPW Strong (Road To Lion’s Break) featured a six-man tag match featuring Lio Rush, TJP and Fred Rosser against KENTA, ELP and Hikuleo, who ended up brawling until the lights went out. When they came back on, Moxley was standing in the corner and then he attacked all three men before he countered KENTA’s Go To Sleep attempt. Moxley took him out with the Deathrider and cut a promo on KENTA, telling him that he’s finally there to answer the challenge.

“KENTA! I think you thought you were going to get off easy, my man. I think you thought there’d always be an ocean between us, political lines between us, but I don’t play those games. I don’t see yellow lights, red lights—I focus on green lights, and as of this moment, my foot is officially up your ass. Your dream of becoming United States Champion just became a nightmare.”

KENTA has been calling him out for weeks and Moxley is certainly up to the challenge, as he said “I’m going to see you in Tokyo one of these days, and we’re going to get it done however we’ve got to get it done” as he left the ring.

Check out the promo below:

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Update: KENTA has since posted the following response: