Felon & Former NBA Ref Tim Donaghy Helps Richard Holliday Win Caribbean Title

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Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Disgraced National Basketball League referee Tim Donaghy, who served 11 months in a federal prison camp after pleading guilty to two felony conspiracy charges amid the NBA betting scandal of 2007, is up to no good in Major League Wrestling.

Donaghy wound up refereeing the Caribbean Strap Match between Richard Holliday and Savio Vega for the Caribbean Heavyweight Championship during the latest episode of MLW Fusion. Vega was about to hit the final corner (a strap match requires you to hit all four corners to win) and win the match, but Donaghy then got in the way and physically kept the wrestler from hitting it. This distraction allowed Holliday to then hit the final corner as Vega physically moved Donaghy out of the way.

After the match, Donaghy and Holliday ran away from Vega after the referee said the match had no controversy and that he called it down the middle.

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