Tucker Enjoys The Challenge Of WWE, Reflects On ASU Wrestling Career

Tucker WWE

WWE superstar Tucker recently spoke with Arizona’s Cronkite News, where he spoke about his connection to Arizona Statue University’s Wrestling program, his career in the WWE so far, and much more. 

You can check out some of the highlights below: 

On the challenges of the WWE:

In wrestling, you are out there by yourself and you want to go out there to ignite the crowd and put on a show, As far as it goes to technique and most other things, there are not many correlations except the physical pounding you put your body through in wrestling may prepare you for WWE as well.

On his ASU Wrestling career:

I love ASU and always will, Tempe has a very big spot in my heart.

ASU will always be a big part of our lives and we will represent the Sun Devils forever and there is no taking that away from us.

On why he decided to try out for the WWE:

I chose WWE because it gave me the best opportunity to continue my athletic endeavors and I looked at it like a new, exciting athletic challenge, I enjoy those kinds of tests where I would have to use my will and determination to be successful.

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