Triple H Talks WWE’s Plans For India, Wants To Build A Performance Center There

Photo Credit: WWE

Former WWE superstar and current WWE Executive Vice President for Global Talent Strategy and Development Triple H recently spoke with The Hindu, where he discussed the possibility of returning to the ring, WWE’s plans for India, and much more. 

You can check out some of the highlights below: 

On the possibility of returning to the ring:

Never say never. Look, I am incredibly busy doing Superstar Spectacle, Royal Rumble and all those things behind the scenes; there is also NXT. It is a lot to do but if the opportunity arises, when somebody comes up to you and says — ‘Would you like to have the ultimate adrenaline rush? Would you like to stand in the ring one more time under those lights and relive it all in front of the fans?’ — how do you turn that down?

On WWE’s plans for India:

The intent and desire is to come to India and recruit enough athletes. Certainly, there is a desire amongst Indian people for us to be on the ground as well.

On his hopes to build a Performance Center in India:

 At some point, we would love to have a performance center, or more than one center, in India… have athletes train there and produce localized WWE content.

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