Trey Miguel Returns To IMPACT, Helps Rich Swann Win Six-Man Tag

Trey Miguel

Image Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Trey Miguel has returned to IMPACT Wrestling. The former member of The Rascalz became a free agent last year, and many expected him to sign with WWE like his stablemates. However, in early December, Miguel gave an update on his status.

“I feel like it is worth mentioning AGAIN that a month and a half ago my Nephew was born prematurely and is in isolated care until what would have been his actual due date,” Miguel clarified on Twitter. “Meeting a healthy baby boy is more important to me than anything else. I’m sure you all can respect that.”

Miguel returned as a surprise member of Rich Swann’s team in an eight-man tag match (Swann & Willie Mack & Tommy Dreamer & Miguel vs. Moose & Sami Callihan & Ken Shamrock & Chris Bey). During the match, Miguel was able to come through in a big way, getting a tag late from Mack and going to work taking out superstars in an aggressive manner. Late in the match, it was just down to Miguel and Callihan, and Callihan looked ready to come away with a win. However, Miguel was able to reverse a piledriver attempt from Callihan and turn it into a pin to give his team the victory. 

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