Goldberg & Drew McIntyre Share Terse Words, Join Forces To Destroy Miz & Morrison


Image Credit: WWE

Goldberg and WWE Champion Drew McIntyre got to briefly talk to each other prior to the Royal Rumble.

McIntyre came out first to address the crowd and Goldberg. However, he was quickly interrupted by The Miz and John Morrison, who made it clear that the Money in the Bank briefcase will be in play on Sunday.

Goldberg would then walk out. “You. Me. Sunday. You’re next,” declared Goldberg to McIntyre. After this, The Miz and Morrison said they’re glad that they’re not next and begin mocking McIntyre. This annoyed both Goldberg and McIntyre, who decided to each grab one half of the duo and perform their finishers on them (a spear to The Miz and a Claymore Kick to Morrison).

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