ROH Wrestling Results (1/25/21): The Foundation vs. Shane Taylor Promotions

The Foundation sends a message to Shane Taylor Promotions ahead of their match. Tracy Williams says the group wants to restore honor, and The Foundation wants Shane Taylor Promotions to prove that there’s validity to their honorable gestures.

Meanwhile, Shane Taylor says you can’t build a house on a crooked foundation. He says the members of The Foundation would have changed ROH by now if they could. He says the group values conformity. Taylor says The Foundation wishes it could lead the way Shane Taylor Promotions does.

The Foundation (Jay Lethal, Jonathan Gresham and Tracy Williams) vs. Shane Taylor Promotions (Shane Taylor and the Soldiers of Savagery)

Kaun overpowers Jay Lethal early on. But the former world champion counters this strength with his technical excellence. Kaun drills Lethal with a stiff elbow to the face. Williams tags in and tries to choke Taylor out. “Hot Sauce” locks in an arm bar, but Taylor absolutely nails Taylor with a stiff strike to the face.

Moses overpowers Gresham and drops him with a shoulder block. Williams is mad that Taylor and his opponents are playing dirty. But Lethal is determined to outwrestle them. Williams gets a two count when he rolls up Moses. “Hot Sauce” locks in an arm bar. Moses counters a crossbody from Gresham. The Foundation isolates Moses and gains the upper hand.

Kaun gains the upper hand and uses his power to dominate Lethal. Lethal and Gresham double-team Kaun to take control of the match.

The match breaks down into chaos, and Moses dives onto Williams outside the ring. Lethal hits two dives to the outside. Gresham hits a Shooting Star Press on Taylor. The former ROH World Television pins Lethal with Welcome to the Land.

Winner: Shane Taylor Promotions

The two teams shake hands after the match.

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