Kofi Kingston Explains Why He Peed On A Toilet Seat In Barcelona On Purpose

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(Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

New Day Poops.

This week’s episode of The New Day: Feel the Power was all about the art of defecation. The New Day and WWE’s Dan Ryckert took to the airwaves to talk about poop, and one clip saw Kofi recall the time he forgot his son’s diaper bag at Macy’s and the resulting incident.

“We get Khi in and we go into the Macy’s and as soon as we get there I’m like ‘Oh man, we left the diaper bag in the car.’ So, she’s actually trying on dresses, and he’s in the changing room with her. Then I get a call. ‘Oh, babe, he’s pooping. He’s pooping, you gotta come get him.’ So, I’m like, ‘Oh my God…’ I run over there and she’s taking his pants off, and he has no shirt. I’m like, ‘OK, I’ll take him.’ So I start to take him and as I’m walking to the bathroom, he starts going more, and poop is coming out of the side of the diaper now. And now, I’m holding him almost like a football,” Kofi said, “and it’s all over my arm. I finally get to the bathroom and there’s a kid in there, probably like, I don’t know, 10, 11 years old. And now I’m [thinking] I gotta say something. I go, ‘Hey, did you ever poop on your parents like this when you were a kid?’ And the kid is looking at me, [I’m thinking’ ‘Why’d I say that? Why’d I say it?’

Kofi explained that he did make it back to the car to properly change his son, who taught him a lesson that day.

And for those wondering, the episode was not all poop stories as Kofi Kingston confessed to finally letting it all go as he peed on the seat… on purpose. Kofi told a story about how he stayed behind at a venue and had to pee. He says he went into the locker room and found someone had peed all over every single seat and he reached the point where “he couldn’t take it anymore.”

Kofi Kingston: “This is a lifetime’s worth of building where there’s pee on the seats and I can’t stand it. So, you know what? And this is a confession, I said, ‘You know what? I’m going to do it too.’ It was my turn.”


Kofi Kingston: “THAT’S RIGHT, I DID IT! I went to the toilet seat and I pissed all over that seat with conviction and purpose because I’m tired of it. Why am I the one that always has to go clean up the piss? I’ve spent my entire life getting the pee into the bowl and if anything ever gets on the seat, I’ll clean it up. But not this time. I think it was in Barcelona, I did it on purpose. I pissed all over the seat.”

Kofi says he waited for the next person to go in and heard him cursing in Spanish, and said now that man knew how he felt for many years.

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