Bayley Calls Out Kayla Braxton, Wants Her In The Royal Rumble


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During this week’s episode of Talking Smack, Bayley made a shocking proclamation, challenging Kayla Braxton to join the Royal Rumble and face off against the superstars in the ring.

At the end of an interview with Bayley, Braxton wished the superstar luck in the upcoming Royal Rumble match, to which Paul Heyman quickly interjected and said that Braxton doesn’t actually mean that and was just being condescending. As Heyman heaped praise onto Bayley – calling her a “generational talent” – Bayley told the folks at WWE to put Braxton into the Royal Rumble match, telling the personality that she would see her in the match.

Braxton quickly replied that she would be there to interview Bayley, but the superstar was having none of it, staring right at the camera and telling those watching to put Braxton into the match, and that she wasn’t kidding.

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