Cash Wheeler Calls 2021 The Year Former Tag Partner John Skyler ‘Breaks Through’

John Skyler

Photo Credit: AEW

John Skyler may have been sidelined a good deal of 2020 with some rough injuries but he’s got some strong support behind him from the wrestling world and that includes a fellow Carolinian in AEW star Cash Wheeler.

Established wrestling journalist and author Mike Mooneyham wrote a feature piece in The Post & Courier on the Columbia, South Carolina Skyler and described his tough 2020 as he suffered several tears in his left knee on a June episode of AEW Dark while tagging against The Dark Order.

“Obviously, (it was) heartbreaking and disappointing,” reflects Skyler, who gutted out the last three minutes of the match on the injured knee. “I’ve suffered multiple setbacks both personally and professionally over the last year or so, just like a lot of people during these times, but I felt like I was getting to the point where I was finally hitting my peak. I never felt more confident and sharp wrestling on television, like I did back right before I was injured.”

In the piece Skyler discusses his work with AEW and how it presented a lot of freedom creatively.

“I felt like an equal. There was a lot of freedom and I felt like I had a lot of input. I enjoyed all my matches there with the likes of Billy Gunn, The Dark Order, Sonny Kiss and Joey Janela. I felt really confident about the matches and effort I was putting forth.”

That leg injury, however came into play and set him back.

“The projected time was six to nine months. It was a torn ACL, MCL and PCL, and I had to have it all fixed. Fortunately I got in quickly for surgery after the injury. It only took about two weeks to get the surgery scheduled and done.

“The first person I believe to text me was actually Christopher Daniels, who is a pivotal person at AEW, a man with many hats, who I didn’t even know had my phone number. We had sort of minimal interactions at that point, but always got along great. So I gained a lot of respect for him, even more than I already had. But that’s just one of many stories.

“People like FTR, Bob Keller, Tommy Dreamer, Chris Hero, Shane Helms, my friends in Europe, guys and girls in all the top wrestling companies in the world … so many folks I worked with on the indies, Hall of Famers. It was just crazy. I mean so many people just checked on me from time to time. I’ll never forget it.”

Wherever the wrestling road may lead for Skyler, the aforementioned Wheeler, who is a former tag team partner of his, has full confidence in his success.

“He had to find answers in new ways now. And I think that sparked something that will take John to the next level. I’ve never seen someone as good as him, that works as hard as him, be right on the cusp for so long without finally breaking through. With that spark, this is the year John Skyler breaks through.”

Check out Mooneyham’s full feature piece on John Skyler.