Mick Foley Digs Toni Storm’s ‘Cactus Jack’ Tribute, Reveals How He Got Cheetah Boots

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Sometimes a character is what you make of it, and Mick Foley sure found a great one in playing Cactus Jack.

Foley posted the following on Facebook, giving props to Toni Storm for her Cactus Jack-inspired boots as well as the story about how he ended up wearing the trademark look himself. Foley credited Ted Petty (aka “Rocco Rock”) for selling him the boots, and detailed when he wore them throughout his impressive career.


Did anyone catch Toni Storm paying tribute to #CactusJack with her leopard/cheetah print boots last night on WWE NXT?  My old pal Jeremy Borash snapped a couple of photos of Toni before the show – and I loved it!  Thanks Toni!

I am sometimes asked how a leopard/cheetah print fit in with the Cactus Jack character.  Well, it didn’t… until it did.  The simple story is that Ted Petty (better known to most wrestling fans as Fly Boy Rocco Rock from the Public Enemy tag team) who was known as the Cheetah Kid at the time (he worked under that name 1978-1993) purchased a pair of leopard/cheetah print boots from Mexico in 1991 that did not fit him properly.  Ted sold them to me at a very fair price and that’s the story!

Sometimes a character is what you make of it. I never felt constrained to make Cactus Jack a southwestern character, so the leopard/cheetah boots just became part of the character.  With the exception of a short time in 1995 where I wore cowboy boots – after my bag was stolen in New Orleans – the leopard/cheetah look was with me as Cactus Jack from 1991-1996, and even worn during some of my comeback matches.  The Cactus boots worn during my final singles match against Ric Flair, The Nature Boy in 2010 (complete with dozens of thumbtacks in the soles) brought in $2,000 for charity later that year.

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