Taylor Wilde Sees Samoa Joe As Her Wrestling Big Brother, Drops Another Hint About Wrestling Return

Taylor Wilde was this week’s guest on Women’s Wrestling Talk and the former Knockouts Champions spoke her return to wrestling and being signed to a mystery company, how being a wrestler helped her with her firefighting career, and her very strong relationship with Samoa Joe. She also talks about potential opponents when she returns, what she thinks of Aliyah’s run on NXT, how Trish Stratus inspired her and much more.

Wilde spoke with WrestleZone in December about her return to wrestling, confirming she was coming back and signed somewhere, but didn’t divulge the promotion’s name. She tells WWT that she not only will be back on TV and it should be within the next month, but teased that her destination might come as a surprise to fans.

“I am signed. I will be back on TV, [supposed] to start this month, but due to the political climate as it is, and a bunch of administrative boring stuff, I’m not able to start this month. Hopefully next month, and I’m still gonna leave the promotion as a surprise as just be better for everybody. It’s a little bit of a surprise.”

Wilde continued, offering the following tease about where she ends up:

“It’s not not starting with the letter I. Okay… But it’s also not starting with the letter A or W. I’m just going to leave it in the wind. I don’t know. I will say though, that this promotion has a strong ass women’s division. And so excited to be a part of it. Like these are all women. I haven’t had the chance to work with since I’ve retired. These are all the new generation. And it’s a really exciting place to be right now.”

Wilde also spoke about her friendship with Samoa Joe and advice he’s given to her, referring to him as her “big brother” who she has a special bond with.

“And then when I started working for WWE, actually, I guess it was through the indies…I had met Samoa Joe… and he is like my big brother, we we fell in love in a totally platonic way… And that man makes me laugh no one can make me laugh like that guy. Like, I love my husband, but it is just like a totally different relationship. So he’s always been my person. That’s all I can say.”

Wilde added:

“I think the biggest thing is and it’s, it’s simple, but it’s just always you have to be your own biggest advocate…. as a woman in the business, especially off the back of that Divas Era, and being in my early 20’s I’m having grown up in the business and my formative years…I never really stood up for myself, I never really stood up for my worth. And he [Samoa Joe] always instilled that, it seems so natural for him. And it shouldn’t have been masculine, feminine, male or female. It’s just, you know, you’ve got to fight for what is yours.”

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