WWE NXT Results (1/20/21)

WWE NXT Results

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WWE NXT Results

January 20, 2021

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Men’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic: The Way vs. Kushida and Leon Ruff

Theory and Ruff lock up. Theory tosses Ruff clear across the ring. Ruff hits the ropes but is run over by Theory. Ruff almost surprises Theory with a crucifix bomb but Theory avoids it. Theory misses a dropkick. Kushida tags in. Ruff and Kushida kick both of Theory’s arms out from under him. Gargano tags in and takes control. Gargano and Theory take turns working over Kushida. Kushida manages to tag in Ruff. Ruff clears the ring. Ruff goes up top but Theory picks him out of the air and hits an inverted rack bomb for a near fall.

After the break, Ruff is getting beatdown by Theory and Gargano. Ruff surprises Theory with a flying cutter. Ruff tags in Kushida as Theory tags in Gargano. Kushida pounds on Gargano. Theory tries to make the save but Kushida unloads on him too. Handspring attack by Kushida. Kushida knocks Gargano off the apron with another handspring attack. Kushida locks Gargano in an armbar. Theory breaks it up. Kushida and Gargano trade strikes. Theory hits an Ushigoroshi on Kushida. Gargano follows that with a basement superkick to Kushida’s face. Kushida kicks out. Kushida eventually hits a hammerlock suplex with a bridge on Gargano for the win!

Winners- Kushida and Leon Ruff

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