Tama Tonga Says Michael Elgin Only Gets ‘Taped Up’ When He’s Supposed To Lose, Elgin Clarifies Initial Remarks

Tama Tonga continues to dispute Michael Elgin’s recent claims about being unsafe in the ring, firing back by saying Elgin is a bitch that gets “taped up” any time he’s supposed to lose a match.

After Michael Elgin was initially quoted as saying he was unsafe with his chair shots and Tama was the reason he couldn’t go back to New Japan, Tama responded on his podcast with the following remarks:

“I hit him with a bunch of chair shots. I was ‘going ham’ on his punk ass. First of all, I was just doing what I was told to do. And number two, the chair was plastic Michael Elgin, you fuckin’ bitch! The chair was plastic and I’m a great worker, and I take great pride in being a great worker. He said I was swinging like a wild man trying to hurt him, this and that. Nah, man. Most of those times, I put out his arm, held his arm out, I swung and I hit the damn mat. Michael Elgin, you bitch ass, acting like you got some injury. You bitching to anybody—you had your arm taped already, who hurt your arm before that? Are you bitching about that? It seems like every time you’re about to lose, you’re all taped up. Every time you’re about to take that fall, you’re taped up somewhere, some bullshit tape job. Elgin, you’re the biggest dumb idiot I’ve ever freakin’ seen, man.”

“I’m not going to lie, after all this time, I was standing up for you. I was just telling the boys two weeks ago that I miss you. I miss your stupid ass, lying ass stories. It was entertaining. I was telling the Tama’s Islanders just last year when we were starting this, when they were going in on your dumb ass for whatever dumb shit you got going on on the outside, I stuck up for you. I said, ‘He’s really talented in the ring, I respect his work.’ I was trying to keep it chill, man. And then I found out,” Tama explained, noting it was on an East Coast tour last year, “I had to find out from fans that Michael Elgin was talking shit about me. From fans. Fans approached me and told me that you were talking shit about me, that I hurt you and I’m unsafe. I thought, ‘they don’t know what they’re talking about’ and I kept my mouth shut. And now I’ve got to read in the news you’re talking shit about me? Man, Elgin, you son of a bitch, dumb idiot.”

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While not directly replying to Tama’s comments, Elgin did post some follow-up remarks on Tuesday night. Elgin started by saying that he wanted to clarify his initial remarks, claiming he only meant the chairshots were unsafe, not Tama himself. He also went on to say that he asked for his release and can confirm it through emails, and he went home because he needed to work on his personal life.

I truly can’t believe that this needs to be spelled out for you, but the beauty of what social media has become.

Last week people said I was fired by njpw. They were gracious enough to grant me my release, so I could be home with my son more. I then joined Impact. This is true.

I wanted to be home more. Typical scheduled with NJPW was 3-4 weeks in japan 1.5/2 weeks home. This is all year long. Or 6-8 days a month with impact. This allowed me to still do what I love and be with my son more. Pretty cut and dry, should be self explanatory.

In regards to him returning to work for the rival company, Elgin says he didn’t wrestle for All Japan, then states he only did two shows in five days for BJW, followed by one show for Pro Wrestling NOAH in November. According to Elgin, the shorter travel schedule and more time home is why he went back for those tours.

I didn’t wrestle for all japan, I did 2 shows which took 5 days in aug or BJW

Then 1 show in Nov for Noah. Which was 4 days.

See the difference between 4 or 5 days and 1 month? How hard is it to understand more time at home with my son is what I wanted? You understand math?