Tama Tonga: AEW Can Have The ‘Wack’ Too Sweet Gesture, Bullet Club Has Moved On

Bullet Club’s Tama Tonga isn’t impressed with former members Kenny Omega, the Young Bucks and the Good Brothers doing the “Too Sweet” symbol on television, which is also being trademarked by AEW. However, Tonga doesn’t really care as it was a wack hand gesture and that the Bullet Club has moved on from doing it.

“If you guys think that [you did] the too sweet heard around the world? F— that nonsense,” Tonga said on his Tama’s Island podcast (support the Patreon). “Are you kidding me, man. That s— is wack anyways. We’ve done moved on.”

As for the trademark, Tonga said AEW is free to take it as they’re not using it.

“I would get the company to cease and desist their b—- asses but I ain’t no snitch. … Ain’t nobody jealous. … The only people they’re advertising is themselves, not Bullet Club. You should’ve known that when they did the whole Elite thing. … They used Bullet Club as a platform.”

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