Kofi Kingston Was Never A Fan Of Stone Fruits Before But He’s Embracing The ‘Peach Daddy’ Life Now

Kofi Kingston has never been a fan of stone fruit but he’s embracing the life of being a Peach Daddy.

On the most recent episode of the New Day: Feel The Power podcast, Xavier Woods asks him to explain the meaning of the phrase ‘Peach Daddy’ as it was written on Kofi’s shirt. Kofi explained that he started noticing the fantastic shape of his posterior and said it took on a life of its own.

Kofi: “You know I’m talking about that little peach back there! The funny thing is, out of all of the fruits, I never used to like peaches until I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I said ‘WOW!’ You know what I mean? That stuff looks ripe! You outta take a bite!”

Woods: “I don’t like this conversation.”

Big E: “No. No. I don’t like this at all. That’s why I was going to leave it alone. I was going to leave the ‘Peach Daddy’ alone.”

Kofi: “When I saw the shirt I had to do it.” [points to what he’s wearing]

Big E alluded to Kofi’s juvenile behavior, reminding Kofi that he is almost 40 years old, but Kofi replied by saying ‘he’s a daddy, and a ‘Peach Daddy’ at that.

Big E: “I don’t like it. It disturbs me to my core.”

Woods: “When you call it a ‘little peach’ it makes me very uncomfortable.”

Kofi: “Yeah, yeah, yeah… you know I rock that little peach. You’ve got to be proud of it. I work very hard at it too.

Kofi explained how workout routines might change as you get older, but this was serving as motivation for him now. Noting that you can check out his progress on his Instagram account, Big E warned him against doing the “butt workouts” on the ‘Gram, claiming he didn’t know what to call it himself.

Big E: “I swear if you’re on IG doing ‘butt workouts’ or ‘Glutesperation’, whatever they call it, if that’s what you’re out there doing, I don’t know, man. I don’t know what they call it…

Woods: “Oh, I think you do, E…” [laughs] “What kind of nasty rabbit holes are you going down?”

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