WWE RAW Results (1/18/21)

Backstage, Riddle runs into The Hurt Business. Riddle complements each member on how they are dressed. Lashley says he’s got this and tells the rest of his crew to leave. Lashley tells Riddle that he likes his flip-flops but he hears they hurt your feet. Riddle tries to explain that isn’t the case but Lashley stomps on his foot. Riddle falls to the floor clutching his foot. Riddle says he’s going to put that foot up Lashley’s ass later tonight.

Xavier Woods vs. Mace w/Retribution

Woods punches Mustafa Ali before the match starts. Woods chops Mace to no effect. Mace chokeslams Woods. Mace tosses Woods all over the ring. Mace blasts Wo0ds with a running knee to the back. Woods kicks out. Ali yells that Mace is going to break Woods’ jaw just like Kingston. Woods fires up and lands a few strikes. Woods tries the Honor Roll but Mace catches Woods in the air by his throat. Woods sends Mace out of the ring. Woods baseball slides Ali. Ali tells Mace to finish this. Slapjack and T-Bar surround the ring. In the confusion, Mace hits his finish on Woods for the win.

Winner- Mace

Ali leans into the camera and tells Kofi Kingston to get well soon.

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