Mark Henry Responds To Ryback: ‘I Could Take A Nap And Be Better Than That Motherf*cker Any Day Of The Week’

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Mark Henry did not hold back in calling out Ryback in the latest round of their war of words.

The verbal spat between the two former WWE Superstars started after Ryback initially responded to a question posed by the WWE On FOX Twitter account asking who the best Superstar to never win the WWE Championship was. Ryback commented and said that wrestling was fake and that titles were just props for a marketing tool.

Henry caught wind of this and responded on Busted Open Radio, claiming many of his peers found Ryback to be difficult and dangerous in the ring. He went on to explain that they know wrestling is predetermined but ‘fake’ is not a word they like to use, and he got to the top because he is a good entertainer so nothing Ryback said could take his achievements away. Henry then directly said he was talking to Ryback’s ‘bitter ass’ and said he hopes he can fight for real because he wanted to whoop his ass in response to the amount of trash Ryback talks on the business.

Ryback later said the reply to WWE On FOX was in jest and explained how he was grateful to the business and talked about how he recovered from serious injuries without WWE’s help. Ryback said Mark’s opinion is his to keep and claimed he wouldn’t resort to personal attacks because his issues were with WWE, but later speculated that the “shit company” that doesn’t care about him put him up to this and said he’d break Henry apart like no other. Ryback continued, not only bringing John Cena’s name into the equation by claiming he didn’t want to work with Henry, but also claimed an unnamed WWE producer called Henry a “fat piece of shit” and found him napping before their WrestleMania 29 match.

Henry returned to Busted Open this morning and went off on Ryback, noting that he’s well-known in WWE for taking naps and he’s still better than Ryback on any given day. Henry said that everybody has their own doubts and rare moments of being ‘the shits’, adding that “at the end of the day, I was pretty fuckin’ good.”

“Even when I was working with people like Ryback, I could take a nap and be better than that motherfucker any day of the week. Holla at ya boy. [At] WrestleMania, when some ‘agent’ said, supposedly… yeah, OK, I believe that shit. I believe that… I’m the shits? Oh, let me see… after you left, the guy you said, John Cena—[Ryback] put John Cena out on ‘front street’—and Cena will probably make a statement about how when he first got into wrestling, who did he ride in the car with? Me. Who was the guy that went to the office and said, ‘Y’all need to hear John Cena, he can rap. The dude is talented.’ They said this was awesome, and John was mad at me because he didn’t want to be looked at as the rapper guy. But you got ‘Thuganomics’ … you’re welcome.”

“Fuck you, Ryback. You’re trying to tell me that I don’t know what I’m talking about, that I’m not great, that I was the shits? You’re throwing it on an unnamed agent—name his name! You threw it on Cena, so name the agent. Call him and we’ll get him on the show, and I’ll say, ‘Listen, did you tell Ryback that I was the shits?’ Henry continued, “And I was famous for taking naps, I take naps every day. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s great. Vince McMahon himself has ribbed me, poured water on me, while I was sleeping because everybody would go, ‘Anybody got eyes on Mark Henry? Because he usually naps around this time. Find him.’ Oh yeah, we had a lot of fun with my naps.”

Henry continued to address the allegations made by Ryback and said he challenged anyone to go back and watch their match at WrestleMania, noting that there weren’t any holes in it and Ryback should watch how he talks to someone he wants to pick a fight with.

“You can post as many videos as you want, but it’s not the real thing. Until you walk up to me and punch me in my face, the world won’t know how violent I can be. So if you’re feeling froggy like that, you let me where know I need to get a plane ticket to, and I’ll show up for that one because even at 50 years old, I’m still more man than most men ever want to be in their dreams.”

Henry said he could make “chicken salad out of chicken shit” and pointed out that he lost to smaller guys like Rey Mysterio and Zack Gowen and it was a privilege, while Ryback was the guy sitting in front of Vince’s office crying and asking them to make him look better. In closing, Henry said he’s not cutting any promos and this is coming from his soul, and he’ll tear the flesh off and it’s a promise. It’s not a threat, it’s just reactionary.

“If you hit me, there will be hospital time, I assure you, and that’s my response to [him].”

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