Malcolm Bivens Didn’t Realize Everyone Was So Thirsty, Apologizes For Interrupting Dakota Kai’s #BussItChallenge

malcolm bivens

Malcolm Bivens just wanted to watch Scooby-Doo’s WrestleMania Mystery!

Bivens posted a new statement on Twitter, apologizing for misleading fans that thought they were getting… something else from a recent post by NXT’s Dakota Kai.

Kai posted a video for the #BussItChallenge trend, but Bivens showed up midway through and said fans weren’t getting what they expected, informing everyone that he’s there to watch Scooby-Doo’s WrestleMania Mystery.

Bivens, an incredibly honest and noble man, clearly saw the error and posted the following apology:

I would like to issue an apology for the #BussItChallenge tweet. I am humbled by this experience. To be quite honest, I had no idea why everyone was angry. I didn’t realize so many of you were so damn thirsty. I’ve never simped on this app a day in my life. Don’t bother searching. Even if I had those tweets, they are long gone. Please accept this as a make good.

Malcolm “Malcolmvelli” Bivens

P.S., Tyler Rust is the future

P.S.S., you all are lucky we weren’t in the Dusty Classic. It’d be over for you heaux.

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