Eddie Kingston’s Mother Helped Him See AEW Had ‘More Heart’, Says He Consulted Christopher Daniels Before Signing

Eddie Kingston

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Mother always knows best and that goes for Eddie Kingston‘s mother especially, as she happens to know a thing or two about the wrestling business.

Eddie had a conversation with Renee Paquette on her Oral Sessions podcast and she asked Kingston about the process of him signing with AEW. It just so happens the first person he talked to when getting a contract offer wasn’t Tony Khan, but a fellow veteran at the wrestling game in Christopher Daniels.

“Actually I talked to Christopher Daniels. So they offered me the deal and I listened to the other side (I guess that’s what you call them),” Eddie told Renee, “And I was just weighing options but then my mother was the final nail. She goes, ‘You won’t be happy over there, trust me.’”

Eddie has been very open about how much weight his mother’s opinion holds in his life, telling WrestleZone ahead of Full Gear that she’s an important person in his life and she helped guide him to AEW. Eddie was unabashed in sharing with Paquete the significance his mother’s words hold for him, and said he believes it all came down to heart.

“Who knows me better than my mother? The bottom line with the whole thing is, I know more people at AEW and I know there’s a lot more heart there. I think for her that’s what she thought. She was like I’m gonna be with people who love it, just as much as I do.”

Renee really enjoyed the aspect of Eddie’s mother knowing the ongoings of the business.

“Oh, I gotta tell her things,” he said. “If I don’t tell her stuff I’ll keep it inside and next thing you know I’ll blow up at the wrong time. Moxley will tell you a couple stories about me blowing up.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

Check out Renee’s full conversation with Eddie below:

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