Gerald Brisco: Randy Savage Didn’t Keep Many Friends, But He Always Had A Big Heart For Helping Kids

Randy Savage

Photo by Frank Micelotta/Getty Images

If you thought Randy Savage was great in a babyface role, he by all accounts was living the gimmick, brother.

Wrestling legend Gerald Brisco spoke with VOC Nation recently to talk about his son Wes getting engaged and the long line of relationships he and his boy have cultivated while stepping into the squared circle. That included Randy Savage.

“Macho Man, God rest his soul, what a great guy he was. Him and Wes, from the time Wes was just a baby to whenever Macho Man left us, him and Wes were really tight and really good friends.  I was really proud of that.  Macho Man was a really strange cat as you know, he didn’t make a lot of friends. He really had something special for Wes. Anytime Wes was in school and Wes needed somebody there to come and talk, he’d ask me and I’d say ‘OK let’s call Randy’… Randy of course couldn’t turn it down, so here come Randy and Miss Elizabeth to Wes’ school.  So Wes was over with all the guys and girls and especially the teachers.”

Wes wasn’t the only kid Randy took under his wing as Gerry notes that Randy dedicated a great deal of his retired years helping special needs children.

“I think Macho Man really enjoyed talking at schools because when he retired, all he did was worked with special needs people. He pretty much donated the rest of his life to helping out special needs kids and being there for them. I think he always had a heart for kids and always enjoyed the aspects of kids.”

You can listen to the full interview below:

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