Candice LeRae Teaches Shotzi Blackheart ‘The Gargano Way’ With Help From Indi Hartwell

candice lerae

Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for WWE

Candice LeRae and Shotzi Blackheart have been feuding for some time now, and during tonight’s episode of NXT, the pair once again met in the ring. Although Blackheart looked primed for a win, though, LeRae got some help late to allow her to come away with a win. 

During their match, it looked as if Blackheart was going to come out on top, as she dominated late in the contest. After hitting LeRae with a DDT, however, things began to spiral a bit that led to her not being able to win. LeRae was able to lock Blackheart in the Gargano Escape, although Blackheart ended up reversing it into a facebuster. 

After dropping LeRae again, Blackheart went to the top rope, but Indi Hartwell – who came to the ring with LeRae – attempted to distract her. Blackheart delivered a big punch that dropped Hartwell, but that allowed LeRae enough time to get up and land a huge swinging neck breaker to Blackheart off of the second rope for the win

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