R-Truth Defends The WWE 24/7 Championship Against Critics: ‘This Belt Is Entertaining’


Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, and he reflected on his remarkable career. The former WWE United States Champion is almost 50 years old, but he’s still regularly featured on WWE RAW. He has found his niche as a successful comedic role player on the red brand.

“I have my own lane, and I know how to drive in my own lane,” said R-Truth via Barrasso. “’Where I’m at right now, it’s destiny. The universe has allowed me the chance to keep myself relevant and in the mix.’”

R-Truth has often carried the WWE 24/7 Championship. In fact, his number of reigns (46) nearly equals his age (48.) The title has received plenty of criticism since its debut in 2019, but Truth defended it as a source of entertainment.

“’It seemed like everybody disliked the 24/7 title at the beginning,’” said R-Truth via Barrasso. “’That’s the beauty of R-Truth—the character can make anything make sense. There are so many different levels of entertainment, and that’s the position I’m in right now. I’m making entertainment for an entertainment company.

“’Wrestling is supposed to be fun, and this belt is entertaining. Entertaining people is what I’m supposed to do, and I love on-the-spot thinking. Vince has me come up with my own ideas, and that’s easy for me to do because I love making people laugh.’”

R-Truth also reflected on his natural ability to make people laugh, and he said a lot of his character stems from his real personality.

“‘You see a lot of Ron Killings in R-Truth,'” said R-Truth via Barrasso. “‘Vince McMahon always tells me, ‘Just be yourself.’ I know myself and I know my character.'”

Clearly, R-Truth continues to entertain, and it seems like he’ll continue to be a mainstay on WWE RAW.

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