Rush & Dragon Lee Negotiating New Contracts With Ring Of Honor, Sign Licensing Deal With Masked Republic

Masked Republic

Masked Republic, a multi-platform company that helps try and find ways to evolve and grow wrestlers in the industry, has announced the signing of current ROH Champion and Television Champion Rush and Dragon Lee. 

The two superstars – who are reportedly negotiating a new contract with Ring of Honor – are seen as key pieces in both the present and future of Ring of Honor. “We’re the player’s association of lucha libre,” said Kevin Kleinrock, Masked Republic’s President and COO (via Sports Illustrated). “We’re working to bring the broadest amount of opportunity to talent with production, licensing, and distribution. And we provide services to help understand and negotiate contracts, but it is not a traditional agency agreement where a percentage of the contract is taken. We provide an extra service to the talent working with them on their intellectual property, and the goal is always to monetize their IP.”

Kleinrock went on to say that Masked Republic exists as a tool to help talents of all kinds negotiate fair contracts in the industry. “We’re here to help talent understand and fairly negotiate their contracts, as well as help the talent go beyond signing a contract. The goal is to exploit their IP and build their brand.”

Masked Republic used to exist as a company just for luchador masks and gear, but the company has since expanded into helping make sure that superstars are taken care of as they navigate their way through the industry. 

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