Taylor Wilde Is Watching Wrestling As A Fan And Scout, Names Io Shirai And Killer Kelly As Potential Opponents

Taylor Wilde recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard about her return to wrestling, which is coming sooner than later. She’s been finding success on the airwaves with her podcast, Wilde Onand as Taylor prepares to return to the ring, she’s been training and studying tape on today’s stars. Wilde says she is watching as a fan and to scout talent, pointing out a couple of names she’s a fan of—and would like to square off with.

“Killer Kelly is someone I haven’t ever met, or had the ability to work with since I was retired as she was coming up and I’ve been watching her matches for both research and as a fan. I think for myself as a ‘former’ professional wrestler—or, I’m back into it, I don’t know what to even call myself anymore,” Wilde said, “but yeah, there’s definitely that dual interest where I might be researching who is on the up-and-up, but I also watch as a fan and that’s what connects me. Kiera Hogan is another one, but even going over to NXT, Io Shirai, she is so incredible. There’s just so much motivation out there, so I think even if I’m just watching matches as a fan, it’s definitely motivation as well.”

Live wrestling events have all but gone on hiatus due to the pandemic, but one thing COVID-19 has done is give wrestlers more time to promote their brands online. Wilde cited Ethan Page as someone who is doing incredible business for himself, and she also said she’s becoming a Fanhausen too.

“This has really been a time where you can’t just sit on your hands and you really have to tap into your creativity. I’ll say Ethan Page is really one to follow. He is an all-around businessman as well as an incredible performer. I don’t know when that man sleeps—he’s got his Twitch, his vlog, tons of merch, IMPACT Superstar, he’s a Dad… I’m just really impressed with everyone’s work ethic. And like you said, it’s a really interesting time where you can grow your popularity just online and absent of seeing it at live events. Danhausen is another one,” Wilde said, “I’ve not met him, never seen him in person, but I’m a huge Danhausen fan because I think that his character that he sells online and on social media is hilarious.”

Wilde added that she likes the kitschy, weird appeal of Danhausen, noting that he “encompasses everything I love—gothy, quirky death metal, and it’s totally funny and it’s wonderful.”

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