Alexa Bliss Interrupts Randy Orton vs. Triple H, Throws A Fireball At ‘The Viper’

A Moment Of Bliss Alexa Bliss

Photo: WWE

Randy Orton goaded Triple H to fight him on WWE RAW this week.

The two stars clashed at the end of the show, and they brawled around ringside. Triple H suplexed Orton onto the broadcast table and took control of the battle. “The Game” got his sledgehammer, and he planned to use it, but the lights started to go out. The sledgehammer caught on fire, and the rest of the lights went out.

When they came back on, Triple H was gone. A distorted version of The Fiend’s music played, and Alexa Bliss stood in the ring. Bliss then threw a fireball at Orton, and it hit him in the face. “The Viper” writhed in pain and clutched his eyes as the show came to a close.

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