Keith Lee Breaks A Turnbuckle, Beats Sheamus After Tag Win

keith lee

Photo Credit: WWE

The Miz and John Morrison challenged Keith Lee and Sheamus to a tag team match on WWE RAW this week. Whereas The Miz and Morrison have been an incredibly successful tag team, Sheamus and Lee have been at each other’s throats in recent weeks.

Morrison and Sheamus started the match. Lee tagged in and tossed Morrison onto The Miz at ringside. The two powerhouses took control of the match. Lee drilled Morrison with a nasty headbutt. He then squashed Morrison in the corner, and the turnbuckle broke. The whole rope detached from the corner.

Still, The Miz and Morrison gained the upper hand by double-teaming Sheamus. They isolated “The Celtic Warrior,” but Sheamus rallied and tagged Lee. “The Limitless One” cleared house. He was on the cusp of victory, but Sheamus tagged himself in and hit a Brogue Kick on Morrison for the win.

After a commercial break, Lee and Sheamus argued, and they squared off in a singles match. Early on, Lee overpowered Sheamus and dominated the match.

Sheamus targeted Lee’s arm to neutralize his power. “The Limitless One” persevered, but Sheamus drilled him with a knee to the face.

In the end, Lee dropped Sheamus with a Spirit Bomb for the win. After the bell, the two men hugged it out.

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