WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (1/15/21)

After the match, Cesaro celebrates with Nakamura.

Backstage, Sonya Deville tells Adam Pearce that she checked out some of his old matches on Youtube. Deville thinks Pearce has a chance. Pearce says he hasn’t been that guy in a long time. Heyman burst in and tells Pearce that the match will be a no DQ match. Pearce says he knows this all ridiculous and that stipulation is just to get Pearce injured. Pearce signs it and tells Heyman to save the pitch.

Backstage, Uso yells at Referee Charles Robinson. Uso tells Robinson he is going to get himself fired for not doing the right thing.

Backstage, Kayla asks The Street Profits if it was wise putting their titles on the line with Ford being injured. Ford says they ain’t scared. They defended the titles for almost a year. No way they would run from Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler. They may be the champions but The  Street Profits are going to run it back. They want the smoke.

Backstage, Apollo Crews is with Reigns. Reigns is putting Crews on game. Heyman walks in with the signed contract. Crews starts to leave but Reigns tells him to stay because he could learn something. Heyman tells Reigns Pearce signed the contract for the no DQ match. Reigns says he never wanted a no DQ match. Reigns isn’t signing that. Reigns wants Pearce in a last man standing match. Reigns wants Pearce to sign the contract in the ring.


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