Steve Austin On Punching Booker T During A Match: ‘I Was Trying To Knock His Ass Out’

Steve Austin

Photo Credit: WWE

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin recently appeared on the Hall of Fame podcast, and he looked back on his legendary career. In one highlight, he told the story about how he once legitimately punched Booker T in the ring. Austin revealed that he was trying to return the favor, as Booker T punched him first.

“Book hauled off and hit me with that big ass right hand of his, I mean he knocked the trash out of me,” said Austin. “And boy, I’m normally very, very forgiving…when guys start throwing potatoes, but he lit me up so hard, instant rage [came] across me. And I sent a receipt like ASAP. Micro process, here it comes. And I threw it with everything I had.

“The problem is, this arm doesn’t straighten out all the way, and he was just back far enough that I couldn’t connect with him. But I was trying to knock his ass out.”

“Stone Cold” also reflected on the beginning of his iconic career. He admitted that he didn’t have a backup plan. The legend also shared his mindset at the beginning of his career.

“I didn’t know if I was gonna make it because I was winging it one day at a time,” said Austin. “When I came off that football scholarship at North Texas and got into wrestling school, and…I moved to Tennessee, and I just knew when I got in, I didn’t have a plan B, so I better make it work.

“And I didn’t get into the business thinking, ‘Man, I want to be the world champion.’ I just wanted to be a wrestler. But then when you turn into a wrestler, you don’t want to jerk the curtain. You wanna move up.”

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