Collector’s Corner: Eaglemoss WWE Hero Collector – Gronk, Hogan & Eddie In-Depth Review (Photos)

Welcome to another installment of Collector’s Corner! Today we’ll take at the latest batch Eaglemoss WWE Hero Collector figurines, featuring:

  • Rob Gronkowski
  • Hulk Hogan
  • Eddie Guerrero

You can currently order and pre-order these over on the Eaglemoss website where you can SAVE 10% with code ZONE at checkout!

Eddie Guerrero

Photo Credit: Getty Images

The Packaging

Each figurine comes in a very vibrant, colorful box with images of several of the other figurines on the box. They each come with a very nice booklet with information about the superstar(s) with images, information and more. The figurines are also very protected by plastic to prevent them from being damaged in transit, storage, etc. Some are in different colored boxes, but I’m not sure what signifies the color of each guy other than just a stylistic choice by Eaglemoss.

Rob Gronkowski

First up we have Rob Gronkowski’s figurine, which is based off of his short appearance in WWE when he became the 24/7 Champion. I believe he is limited to 500 pieces as well as I recall them advertising that awhile back, but that may have changed later on. Gronk is seen standing with the 24/7 title over his shoulder while he sports his vibrant zebra-striped jacket. He has his sunglasses on as well as his black sweatpants and white gym shoes. He also is secured to a display stand with the WWE logo on it with felt and a sticker underneath with his name on it.

Overall, Gronk looks pretty good in my opinion. The likeness is decent on it as well I must say for his scale. Plus the detail in his outfit and the title itself is pretty nice. I’m not sure how sought after this one will be in that his WWE appearance was very controversial in that many fans were annoyed he was there, but if you enjoy completing the roster I’d recommend picking this one up as it’s a unique addition to the collection nonetheless.

Eddie Guerrero

Eddie is probably my favorite of this batch. This figurine captures a young Eddie with his mullet hairdo. He’s wearing his Latino Heat sleeveless t-shirt with the roses logo on it. He also has his black hand/wrist tape and his tights with the elaborate designs going down his legs. Not to mention his black/gold laced boots, too. He also is secured to a display stand with the WWE logo on it with felt and a sticker underneath with his name on it.

Overall, this Eddie is pretty awesome. I think the likeness is pretty good on him as well for his scale and the detail on it is awesome. If you’re a fan of Eddie I highly recommend picking up this figurine of him as it’s a great display piece in my opinion. One of their best figurines in awhile I’d say.

Hulk Hogan

Lastly, we have another young Hulk Hogan figurine. This one is posed showing his 24-inch pythons, brother! He has his bandana on of course as well as his yellow Hulk Rules t-shirt with the ripped holes on the back side. Not to mention his yellow trunks, two-toned red knee pads and his yellow boots with the white laces. Hogan also is secured to a display stand with the WWE logo on it with felt and a sticker underneath with his name on it.

Overall, this Hulkster is decent. I think I prefer the one from the Andre 2-pack where he is ripping his shirt as that one is just cooler looking overall. The detail on this one is pretty nice though, especially on his bandana as it looks awesome. The likeness is just okay though in my honest opinion, but if you’re a Hulkamaniac like me I’d say pick it up, brother!


Overall, this is a pretty good batch from Eaglemoss. They all look pretty good, especially Eddie I must say. I’d definitely recommend him most out of the three. If you’d like to see these more up close and in-depth be sure to check out my video review of them over on Facebook here.