After Controversial Draw, Big E Dominates Apollo Crews In Rematch

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Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Tonight’s match between Big E and Apollo Crews featured a controversial moment as the two battled it out for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. During the match, Crews seemingly pinned Big E for the victory, but was deemed to have his shoulders down alongside Big E’s, resulting in a draw. As the match continued, Big E dominated Crews to retain his title in a big win.

Early in the match, Crews seemed to shock Big E after landing a huge slam on him, quickly pinning him for what looked like the win. After some confusion in the ring, the referee revealed that a replay showed that both men’s shoulders were down during the pin, resulting in the match being called a draw. Since a draw reverts the title back to the champion, Big E took the belt and attempted to shake Crews’ hands. Crews was clearly not happy about the outcome, and slapped Big E before demanding he give him the belt.

After being slapped by Crews, Big E quickly told the referee to ring the bell before quickly landing a huge belly-to-belly suplex to Crews. With a new match underway, Big E continued his assault, landing a huge splash on Crews before Crews was able to escape the Big Ending. After battling it out between each other again, Big E was finally able to hit the Big Ending for the win and another retention of his title.

For more on how the match ended, check out below:

After the break, we get a replay that shows both men’s shoulder’s down. The referee tells Big E and Crews that since both men’s shoulders were down, the title goes back to the champion. Crews is upset. Big E offers Crews a handshake and tells him he did a good job. Crews says he doesn’t want that. Crews slaps Big E. Big E tells the referee to ring the bell. Big E hits multiple bellyto-belly suplexes. Big splash by Big E. Crews kicks out. Crews escapes the Big Ending. Crews hits a splash off the top for a near fall. Crews and Big E trade power moves. Crews sends Big E into the corner. Crews runs into a nasty uranage by Big E. Big E hits the Big Ending for the win.

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