Cody Rhodes Talks Snoop Dogg Being The First At The Gym; Details ‘Go-Big Show’ COVID Testing Protocol

Cody Rhodes

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Cody Rhodes had do a five-day quarantine in a Marriott in Macon, GA when he first started filming for the Go-Big Show, but another co-star happened to beat him to the hotel gym on occasion.

Rhodes detailed those intriguing five days with Chris Jericho on his latest Talk Is Jericho episode and gave props to the “Do The Work” mindset one Snoop Dogg.

“You could go to the gym. You had a gym time which is hilarious because not everyone went to the gym. They were really cool about letting people I guess needed the gym more go to the gym and they always gave me a gym time every day, but Snoop’s time was hilariously like 7:30 every morning and I thought, ‘Man, he’s the first up’ and I’d see on his Instagram and him doing shuttle runs out in the parking lot. Definitely keeps himself in shape and had his crew there to keep him in shape.”

Cody went on to praise the thoroughness that the Go-Big staff had when it came to COVID-19 precautions.

“But everything, from once you went through the door. They gave me a monitor that showed if I was six feet from somebody it would start blinking red (it blinked the entire time). You always had to have your mask on. So you really couldn’t ever go back out into the parking lot. They took my keys.

“So you did a test every other day. You had to fill out a pass card every morning where you’d say. ‘I feel great, no temperature, no symptoms,’ and randomly the third party company they’d hire would, ‘Hey do you have your pass card?’ And you’d show it on your phone. If it was green it meant go, you could walk around after the five days.”

Being such a wild experience, accommodations for Cody and the stars made the process as comfortable as possible for everyone.

“They turned all the couches upside down and they made it like an actual big space for me to be in. It was basically two different rooms and I brought a couple of gaming consoles. It’s Hollywood so when you ask for something they get it. So I don’t have any big requests other than like guilt-free brownies and like bang energy drinks which I think they were ribbing me. There were like hundreds of them.”

As precautionary as all the steps taken were, the results paid off.

“This is five weeks. Not a single person had a case or anything like that. They kept it locked down.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

Cody talks plenty more, including having the honor of being in Brodie Lee’s final match and inspirations for their classic bout. Listen to the full episode below:

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