Arn Anderson: Cody Rhodes Is The ‘Face Of AEW’ Because Of His Value As A Company Man, Not Due To His Push

Arn Anderson recently joined WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo for an interview and “The Enforcer” spoke about Cody Rhodes’ ability to impress in the ring and as an executive.

Arn says he’s impressed with all of the things Cody Rhodes is able to balance as a wrestler and EVP, and says he’d be hard-pressed to name someone else that could handle the job as well as “The American Nightmare” has done.

“I’m in awe of how he’s been able to balance being an EVP of the company and people say he’s the face of the company and I think that puts a lot of heat on him, maybe with the fans, that he’s getting too big of a push. I don’t think we all mean that he’s the ‘face’ of the company because he’s the number one guy above everything else and all that. It’s just, if you have a question that involves backstage politics, he’s got a clear head to discuss it with. Promotion of the company, going places that we’ve never been, talking about action figures and PPVs, and quarter-hour numbers and demographics. He’s the guy you can go to and he’ll clear it up for you.”

“He’s a company man in the aspect that we’re just a little over a year old and he volunteers to do every interview with every newspaper and every media outlet to explain where we’re going and what you’re doing, and when you got a guy that’s articulate and can talk in terms that we can all understand, the average Joe, that has so much value and he carries himself with such grace and class. He’s just a good representative for AEW and I think all those things besides a very, very talented wrestler he brings a lot to the table that quite frankly I can’t put my finger on anybody else that can handle that many jobs and that many hats and he’s succeeding every day of his life.”

Check out the full interview with Arn Anderson at the top of this post.

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

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