Finn Balor Wants To Face Pete Dunne And Karrion Kross, Calls Facing Brock Lesnar ‘Life Or Death’

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Photo Credit: WWE

NXT Champion Finn Balor recently spoke with Rick Ucchino of SportsKeeda and named Karrion Kross and Pete Dunne as two competitors he’d like to defend his title against.

“Obviously the big choice, I think, would be Karrion Kross,” said Balor. “I feel like he deserves a title shot. I feel like obviously, having gone through what he’s gone through in the past, I sympathize and have empathy with his situation.

“But you know, someone who I would love to be in the ring with, and has proven himself countless times over the years, is Pete Dunne. That’s someone who I would love to face. ”

“The Prince” also looked back on his memorable match at WWE Royal Rumble 2019 with Brock Lesnar. He called it one of the highlights of his career and emphasized the unique atmosphere in the arena that night.

“That was a great night,” said Balor. “Obviously, Brock’s reputation precedes itself. It’s very rare that you get the feeling that he brings into the arena, and the one thing I remember is that I’d done my entrance, his music hits, he gets in the ring, it’s not an act and it’s not playtime. It’s very, very serious. And it’s life or death.

“It’s a moment where you feel completely lost in what’s happening around you. You’re not acting, you’re not pretending, you’re not performing. You’re living in this moment, and you’re living in Brock Lesnar’s world. It was honestly one of my favorite matches of my career.”

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