AEW Dynamite: New Year’s Smash Results (1/6/21) – Bullet Club Reunites?

AEW Dynamite Results

It’s New Year’s Smash tonight on AEW Dynamite as Kenny Omega will defend his AEW World Title against Rey Fenix in what should be a very intense and athletic main event.

AEW Dynamite, January 7, 2020

Daily’s Place, Jacksonville, FL

Commentators: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur & Chris Jericho


The Young Bucks & SCU vs. The Acclaimed & TH2

Max Castor drops some rhymes as he Anthony Bowens enter with Jack Evans and Angelico. He even name-dropped John Cena (insert Cena “oooo” GIF). JR reveals that Snoop Dogg is going to accompany Cody to the ring tonight. Daniels slugs Castor and a brawl ensues. Kaz and Bowens go at it once more before Nick Jackson head scissors TH2 and then takes out the opposition on the outside. Daniels goes for the Arabian moonsault but Bowens cuts him off.

It’s Bowens and Daniels in the ring before he tags in Castor. Dropkick gets a one count. Angelico tags in and wrenches the arm of Daniels. Double team by TH2. Evans covers and gets a two count. CD remains isolated at Bowens goes back in the ring.Blockbuster by Bowens, elbow by Castor and Evans hits his move before Angelico locks in a crucifix submission to CD.

Back to Bowens and Daniels. Standing switch duel until Daniels hits a blue thunder bomb. Hot tag to Frankie and he’s fired up. Enziguri by Evans. accidentally boots Castor off the apron. Suplex pin attempt by Kaz for a two. Kick to the chest by Evans. Standing sky twister press gets a two count. Jericho gives a Stu Hart impression. Kaz tags in Matt who double Northern Lights Suplexes his foes. Diving senton to Evans and then a flurry of moves to Angelico and Castor. Dives on top of them before focusing on a downed Bowens. Bucks hit a Risky Business and Anthony Bowens boosts himself up.

Soon after, Kaz and Matt join up to hit a BTE Trigger on Bowens for a two count. TH2 focus on Nick Jackson and goes for his 640 but Nick gets his knees up and he and his brother run rough shot. Go for a Meltzer Driver, but it gets initially thwarted. They look to go for it again, but Nick diverts himself and dives onto people on the outside. Instead, CD delivers a BME do finish the Meltzer Driver for the win.

WINNERS: SCU & The Young Bucks

After the match, Kaz reiterates that if he and Daniels loses a tag match together, they are done. Daniels says no matter what, they got the Bucks’ backs, that is until they challenge for those titles.

After the break, out comes Moxley. He says they may expect him to cuss up a storm about the events that transpired on December. Bitching and moaning is a waste of time and this is an unforgiving sport. All you can do is endure and take it on the chin. You plant your feet in the ground, you stare down adversity and you don’t back down an inch. What to do about Kenny Omega and his used car salesman looking friend. His initial solution would beat them to a bloody pulp with a crowbar. Tonight, the AEW Title is on the line and he’s all about upholding the honor of that belt. Rey Fenix has worked hard 13 years to get to where he is so he’s not going to meddle in that business. Mox will forever be in Kenny’s blind spot.  One day he will look into the eyes of the devil and Kenny will beg for mercy when he realizes he “crossed the wrong guy.”

Chuck Taylor is with Orange  Cassidy and he reveals to Dasha that Trent is out for four to six months. He’s interrupted by Miro, Kip and Penelope.  Chuck then challenges Miro to a match next week, but Miro adds a stipulation: if he wins, Chuck has to become his young boy. Chuck accepts.


Jake Hager vs. Wardlow

Wardlow cuts a brief promo saying he’s going to give Hager the “war” he wants. The two lock up and reset. Jericho picks Hager to win and says that these are like two linebackers on the same team going at it. Hager takes down Wardlow but Wardlow locks in a head scissors. We get another reset. Amateur wrestling takedowns by Hager, but it doesn’t phase Wardlow who unties his hair. Wardlow hammers at Hager in the corner, but the two hit double lariats. Headlock by Hager leads to double shoulder blocks. Another, but Wardlow leapfrogs Hager and lariats him out of the ring. They clothesline one another on the outside. We head to picture-in-picture.

Back from break, Wardlow exudes his strength with some mighty Judo-esque tosses. Fireman’s carry to Jake for an F-10 attempt but Hager corners him and hits some repeated lariats. Hager decks Wardlow hard. Big body throw slam by Hager. Two count.

Jake goes for the Hager Bomb but Wardlow gets his legs up. Ankle lock attempt by Hager. Wardlow gets Hager on the apron and bumps him off hard. He immediately puts him back in the ring and delivers several suplex. Wardlow covers and a kick out by Jake. Wardlow hits that swanton bomb and gets a two count but Hager locks in his head submission. Wardlow gets his foot on the ropes to break it up. Hager has Wardlow in that head and arm triangle but Wardlow shoves him off to hang him off the turnbuckle. He hits an F-10 and gets that extremely hard-fought W.

WINNER: Wardlow

Post-match, Wardlow and Hager bump fists with one another in respect.

Private Party is backstage and who comes in but Snoop with some “juice.” Matt Hardy comes in with two contracts for PP. He talks about taking 30%. Snoop watches on as PP sign the contracts.

After break, there’s the weigh-in for the TNT Title match between Cage and Darby Allin. Darby has the new TNT Title with him, complete with black strap. Cage weighs in at 272 pounds. Darby weighs in at 171. Taz chastizes Darby because he’s got all this stuff on him. Darby grabs the mic and says this feud’s been happening for 9 months, but to Darby it’s been going for 27 years as he’s dealt with shit like this his whole life. Darby readies to fight all of Team Taz with his skateboard, but the lights go out and here comes Sting. Taz says he’s sick of the snow and he’s sick of him. Next week he promises a new TNT Champion in Brian Cage.

Despite the respect shown between the two, Hager is still upset backstage about the loss. MJF comes in with an olive branch and Hager accepts.

We see a clip from AEW Dark of Brodie Jr. cutting a promo on Marko Stunt. We then cut to Alex Marvez with Jurassic Express and Marko begins to speak, but in comes FTR with Tully. They run him down as a mascot loser and that fires Marko up enough to sub himself into the tag match next week replacing Luchasaurus. Tully teases another “flashback.”


Matt Sydal vs. Cody Rhodes (with Snoop Dogg)

Cody comes out to a remix of Snoop rapping over his theme. The bell rings and the two go back and forth. Sydal has a lot of control as he drops his knees in the corner and gets a two count. Sydal hits a top rope meteroa onto the entryway. Snoop a loop has to move.

Back in the ring, Cody skins the cat and Sydal drokicks him on the outside. Serpentico inadvertently gets hit before Cody locks in a sharpshooter. We go to break. Cody hits a super reverse suplex and gets a two count. Cody climbs up and goes for a moonsault but Matt moves. Rising knee strike by Sydal. He climbs up top. He goes for a shooting star press but Cody gets his knees up. Reverse DDT for two count.

Sydal gets a crossface like submission on Cody, but that gets broken free and the two go to the outside. Cody soon hits a Disaster Kick for two. “This is awesome” chant strikes up. Matt almost gets a pinfall via hurricanrana. Lightening spiral by Sydal gets another near fall. He goes for a jumping knee strike and Cody dodges it. He hits two Cross Rhodes for insurance and gets the pinfall.

WINNER: Cody Rhodes

Immediately post-match, Luther and Serpentico attack both men. Cody and Matt fight them off and down Serpentico for Snoop to hit a top rope splash for a visual pinfall.


AEW Women’s World Championship

Abadon vs. Hikaru Shida

The assault immediately biges on stage and Shida cracks Abadon over the skull with a kendo stick. Abadon sits up immediately and tries to bite Shida’s neck again. The bell rings and Shida gets on the offensive. A unique arm drag downs Abadon who finds herself hanging over the apron. She goes for the running knee lift, but Abadon grabs her and bites her thigh. She tosses Shida into the barricade. Abadon breaks the count before literally dragging Shida under the ring. Out comes Abadon. There’s blood all over Abadon’s mouth. She drags Shida out from under the ring and sure enough, Shida’s neck is bitten. Abadon slams Shida down and covers for a two count. Chris questions why the match isn’t thrown out. We cut to commercial.

Shida frog splashes off the middle rope to Abadon onto the outside. Back on the apron, Shida manages to hoist Abadon up for a superplex back into the ring. Abadon does a Bray Wyatt bridge before hitting a clothesline for a two count. Abadon has Shida in a Gory Special, but Shida shakes free for her knee strike and gets the victory.

WINNER and STILL AEW Women’s Champion: Hikaru Shida 

Tay Conti will be taking on Serena Deeb for the NWA Women’s Worlds Championship and she’ll have Anna Jay and The Dark Order by her side.


AEW World Championship

Rey Fenix vs. Kenny Omega (w/ Don Callis)

Rey Fenix isolates the arm of Kenny before hitting a drop toe hold. Kenny however, drops a foot on the back of Rey’s knee. Hammer lock by Omega and Rey fights him off. Kenny spikes Rey Fenix. Rey hits a step-up hurricanrana onto the outside. Fenix fakes out Omega with an outside dive but then hits another hurricanrana. Rey sends him back in the ring.

Fenix goes for a rolling savate kick but Kenny catches him with a tornado DDT. Rey avoids the impact. Very athletic match. Fight goes to the outside. Kenny smashes Fenix into the barricade. Excalibur notes Ibushi having a big weekend in Japan as Fenix kicks at Omega on the outside. Kenny catches him with a snap dragon suplex. Aubrey checks on Rey who looks out, but Kenny does a back suplex onto the apron before a back suplex on the barricade. Omega tosses Rey back in the ring. Omega gets a near fall on him.

Big backbreaker by Omega. The two duke it out and Fenix hits a big time shotgun dropkick to send Kennny sailing before Rey hits a major over the top senton on the champ. Hard chest chop by Fenix. A wild flip by Fenix hits a flipping German suplex. Just insane. Two count. To keep that wildness, Rey double foot-stomps Kenny’s back on the apron. We go to break.

Thrust kick by Rey Fenix. Rey then kips up and delivers a mad looking thrust kick again to down the champ! Damn! Fenix goes for the tornillo, but Kenny catches him with a knee. He then hits Rey with a V-Trigger. Two count. Another V-Trigger on the ropes. Kenny goes for the one-winged Angel and Rey turns it into a reverse hurricanrana. Callis distracts Rey on the entryway and Kenny seizes the opp. Rey however hits an outside in cutter to Kenny and gets a two count. Thunder Fire Driver. Two count! This match is bonkers.

Kenny is down and Rey sizes him up. He tributes Eddie and goes for a frog splash. Kenny gets his knees up. He puts Rey on the top rope, but Rey fights free. Kenny hits a Tiger Driver before feeding him a knee. Two count. One-Winged Angel gets the pinfall victory.

WINNER and STILL AEW World Champion: Kenny Omega

Post-match, Don Callis gets on the mic and says something terrible happened backstage. They show The Butcher and Eddie Kingston have the Death Triangle isolated. Callis wants Kenny to finish him off with a One-Winged Angel and he’s about to oblige, but out comes Moxley. He jabs a barbed wire baseball bat in Kenny’s gut. Mox looks in control, but out come The Good Brothers to attack Moxley! They’re wearing the IMPACT Tag Titles as they hit their finisher on Mox. After that, Kenny beats Mox down with a baseball bat. The Varsity Blondes come in to save Mox, but they get warded off. So do other AEW stars at ringside but The Good Brothers are in control. They hold Mox for Kenny as he gives him one final shot with the bat. Kenny tells the camera that Mox made him “flip the switch.” Mox tries to fight back yet again but The Good Brothers continue their assault. Out comes the Young Bucks. They try to reason with The Good Brothers. The Varsity Blondes grab hold of Kenny on the apron and The Bucks instinctively superkick him free.

Kenny puts up the “Too Sweet” sign and after a brief pause, The Bucks join the Good Brothers in doing so. End of show.